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Lost in Bunnies Land 
5th-Jun-2008 01:45 pm
In early May, my rabbit girl, Azula, scaped from her cage, met my rabbit boy "El Ardillo" and... well... two months later this is the result:




"I see bunny butts"

with mom

"There is mommy!!"


"Hey, don't be shy, don't hide!"


"Looks like Bunnyggeddon"

Dad (to the left) and grandpa!

Here is dad (to the left) and grandpa".

Old rabbits (3) + new rabbits (9) = 12 rabbits on my house's top floor!!!
11th-Aug-2008 07:42 pm (UTC)
MMM, so your rabbit girl scapes, mets your rabit boy...and 2 months there are 9 baby rabbits...woa, who knows how that hapen?XDD it's a mystery..XDD, kidin'..^^, hey I like "El Ardillo" XD mi rabbit was like that TT.TT
11th-Aug-2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
Looking closer, it's really a mistery how rabbits make more and more and more rabbits.
Aaaww! you had a rabbit! You must know how soft and huggable they are!

I've eaten rabbit before, but I hope I won't do it again 'coz I prefer my rabbit alive.
:D :D :D
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